Hotel Oro Verde Manta

Learn about Hotel Oro Verde Manta and our unique history with the province of Manabí. Our coastal city offers more than businesses and beaches.

More than thirty years ago, Kaspar and Ljuba Manz, a Swiss hotelier and his wife along with
some friends, were exploring Peru and Ecuador. On his way to Guayaquil and while crossing
the immense banana plantations of the province of El Oro in southern Ecuador, Kaspar
described the obvious richness of the region as Oro Verde, or Green Gold.

Once in Guayaquil, he and his friends were forced to stay in a small and very humble hotel,
near the central market, since the only hotel that suited their requirements was completely
booked. After a very poor night's sleep, he decided with his partners to build the first luxury
hotel in Ecuador, today’s Oro Verde Guayaquil.

More than a decade after this great undertaking and with the idea of broadening the the
ambition of their hotel project further, in 1998, the group inaugurated the Oro Verde
Manta. It remains the first and only 5-star hotel in the city. With 20 years’ experience under
its belt, it is the benchmark of tourism and gastronomy in the province of Manabí.

The project will soon become the first 5-star hotel and resort in the province, which boasts
huge tourism potential. We proudly celebrate our staff’s dedicated service ethos, our
beautiful facilities and green spaces, and our leadership in Ecuadorian and international
cuisine, with a special emphasis on the delicious dishes of Manabí.