Navigate Manta with Our Area Guide

Bars and restaurants line the promenade of Malecón Escénico, and the heritage of indigenous tribes and Pre-Colombian culture are discovered in our museums. Manta is an important port on Ecuador’s central coast, but it’s also a fun vacation destination for surfing, seafood, and educational tours.

Stay Near Playa Murciélago, St. Mark’s Square & Other Local Attractions

Being in Manta means feeling soft sand under your feet or meandering through seafood markets with off-the-dock marlin, mahi-mahi, and shellfish. From museums to parks, Manta is one of the most historic, picturesque cities on Ecuador’s coast.

Playa Murciélago (200 m)

Our beach is a minute walk from Hotel Oro Verde Manta. Watch crabs scurry across the sand and order fresh fish topped with shredded coconut from local restaurants.

Museo Centro Cultural Manta (0.3 km) 

Learn about pre-Hispanic culture in the Archaeological Hall. Walk through “Encuentros y Rupturas,” the exhibit dedicated to Ecuador’s 20th century artists. Manta’s lost cultures are spotlighted in this museum.

Malecón Escénico Murciélago (0.3 km) 

Find the tuna statue and you find excellent shopping, dining, and museums. The Avenue is a seafront walk to Manta Harbor and the shipyard, with Civic Plaza and fish markets on the way.

Museo Cancebi (1.6 km)

Learn about farmers and montubio fisherman in Museo Cancebi. This museum offers an artisan shop and seven halls of painting, sculpture, and photography exhibits.

St. Mark’s Square (2 km)

Scour 13th Street for clothes, food, books, and more. St. Mark’s Square shopping mall is surrounded by supermarkets, retail, and a park with children’s entertainment on the terrace.

Centenario Park (5.2 km) 

Founded on the hundredth anniversary of the Algeciras Conference, and sitting on the ruins of Fuerte de San García, Centenario Park offers breathtaking trails and two beautiful beaches, San Garcia and Chinarral.

Sports Arenas & Convention Centers

  • Coliseo ULEAM, 3.3 km
  • Par Centro de Eventos, 4.7 km
  • Estadio Jocay de Manta, 4.8 km
  • Joyeria ARIEL, 6.3 km

Nearby Universities

  • Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, 3.5 km
  • Portoviejo’s San Gregorio University, 40 km
  • Universidad Tecnica de Manabí, 44 km